Visualizing age-sex composition of confirmed coronavirus cases in Eswatini over time

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Introduction 😎 Why visualize the age-sex composition of confirmed coronavirus cases? Demographers have been consistently highlighting the importance of age-sex structure of the population and confirmed cases in shaping fatality rates in countries (see these articles📰 published in PNAS and PlosONE for details). My colleagues and I also wrote a commentary😊highlighting the importance of age-sex disaggregated counts of confirmed cases and deaths…

Acceptability and use of social media for sexual health communication among young African adults

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Diverse literature on health promotion using social media suggests that increasing reach and interaction are crucial elements of success. However, very scant research exists on the acceptance and the intention of young adults in African countries to use and interact with sexual health information on social media. In this presentation I share insights on the…

GoogleMap Traffic Info for 4 Cities on a Typical Thursday

How to {magick}ally Visualize Historical Google Maps Traffic Data

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Motivation Many African countries have implemented a full lockdown strategy to curb the spread of CoVID-19. I thought it was interesting to see how compliance would vary across cities without relying solely on news media. Unfortunately, Google Maps does not provide historical traffic data beyond traffic information on a Typical (specified) day and time. I…