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I am a Research Fellow in the School of Primary Care, Population Sciences and Medical Education at the University of Southampton. My primary research interest lies at the intersection of technology, culture, sexuality and population Health with an African geographic focus. I have mostly used data from the Demographic and Health Surveys (DHS) to draw attention to involuntary childlessness (Olamijuwon et al., 2020), single motherhood (Banda et al., 2017; Odimegwu et al., 2020; Ojoniyi et al., 2019; Olamijuwon et al., 2017), child marriage (Olamijuwon et al., 2017), intimate partner violence (Akinyemi et al., 2020) and their associations with fertility and health outcomes. I have also recently been using digital traces to illuminate opportunities for improving sexual health education strategies targeting young African adults (Olamijuwon et al., 2021; Olamijuwon & Odimegwu, 2021), illuminating the scale of technology-facilitated violence (Makinde et al., 2021), as well as uncovering how young people conceptualise sexuality on digital platforms (Olamijuwon & Odimegwu, 2021). In the future, I am hoping to further explore the impacts of technology use on population health in African countries, building on my recent work with SHYad.NET. Among other recognitions, I received the Green Talents award for sustainable research in 2019 by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany.

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Full Name
Emmanuel Ọlámíjùwọ́n
24 December
Scotland, UK

Statistical Skills



  • Inequalities
  • Sexuality
  • Population Health
  • Technology Use
  • Quantitative Methods
  • World Population

Recent Projects

An R-shiny web application that streams and synthesizes publicly available tweets about missing persons across the world to increase information reach and linkage with families and friends.

This project combines peer-led sexual health interactions on social media with an online survey to illuminate opportunities for advancing sexual health promotion strategies for young African adults in the digital age.

Southern Science explorer combines innovative methods to increase the visibility of research and researchers in the global South.

The 4PopChange project (with Tim Miller) seeks to develop a Shiny web application that provides users with estimates and projections of the macroeconomic impacts of population ageing. The methods utilized in this app will be based on those presented in the Handbook on Population Ageing and the Sustainable Development.


If you are very passionate about computational and digital demography or #rStats as much as I do, you may find some of the resources on my blog very useful and interesting to read. You could also check out R-bloggers for more ‎tutorials for learning R. I would be glad to receive your comment and will appreciate your questions and feedback.

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